Punjabi Girl Names


Aad In The Beginning /

Aadar Respect /

Aadat discipline, habitual practice /

Aadh Half

Aagya Permission

Aarvinder - Of the God of Heavens /

Aasa Hope

Aasha hope

Aazaad Care free /

Ab Now

Abh Now

Abichal Unyielding /

Abinaash Eternal /

Abinash Immortal /

Achint One without worry /

Adarshpreet Love Of Ideals /

Ades Compliment, salutation of faqirs and yogis, from an inferior to a Superior (God) /

Adh Half

Adishvar The Foremost (God) /

Agam Incomprehensible /

Agamjot God's light

Aganee Fire /

Agochar Unfathomable /

Agya Permission

Ahsmit Trustworthy friend /

Aish Delight, joy, pleasure /

Ajaib Wonderful /

Ajaipreet Victorious Love /

Ajeet, Ajit Invincible, unconquered /

Ajinder Victorious

Ajitpal Invincible protector /

Ajminder Presence of the God of heaven /

Ajmir Presence of the foremost one /

Ajooni Beyond transmigration, or incarnation (God) /

Akaal Timeless, God, Omnipotent /

Akaal, Akal Immortal, undying /

Akaaldeep Eternal lamp

Akaaldeep, Akaldeep Eternal lamp /

Akaash The heavens /

Akaash, Akhasha The heavens /

Akaashdeep Illuminated heavenly realm /

Akalbir God's immortal warrior

Akaljeet Triumph Of God /

Akalkeerat One Who Sings God'S Praises

Akalpurkh, Akalpurkah Immortal personality (God) /

Akalsahai, Akalsahaye Undying succourer, or supporter /

Akhiljeet All Victorious (God) /

Akhilpreet All Loving (God) /

Akshdeep The Lamp Of Light In The Sky

Alakh, Aklaksh Imperceptible, invisible God /