Assam Girl Names Starting With A

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Aarti; Aarati Towards the highest love for god; Form of worship; Divine fire in ritual girl 90
Aashna beloved; devoted to love girl 85
Aasrita Somebody who gives shelter, Goddess Lakshmi girl 72
Abha lustrous beauty girl 94
Abhilasha; Abhilaasha Wish; desire girl 92
Aimee Beloved girl 59
Alpana beautiful girl 96
Ananya one of a kind, Unique girl 72
Anima the power of becoming minute girl 57
Anjali offering girl 92
Annapurna Goddess Parvati, Generous with food, Goddess of grains girl 56
Aparajita; Aparijita Undefeated; Name of a flower girl 68
Aparna Goddess Parvati girl 71

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girl 88