Buddhist Boy Names Starting With S

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular

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boy 70
Sakyasinha Lord Buddha, The lion of the sakya boy 60
Saugata Other name of Gautama Buddha boy 97
Shaakya Lord Buddha; Energy circle or a form of chakra unisex 97
Shakyasinha Lord Buddha boy 67
Siddarth One who has accomplished his goal; A name of the Buddha boy 85
Siddartha Lord Buddha, One who has accomplished An aim, Successful, Prosperous, Epithet of the great Buddha or shaakyamuni, The founder of the buddhist religion, Epithet of Shiva and Vishnu boy 50
Siddhartha One who has accomplished goal, Successful, A name of Lord Buddha, Achieved all wishes boy 52
Sonam gifted, golden unisex 60
Sugata a name of the Buddha boy 96
Sugatanand Lord Buddha boy 57