Christian Boy Names Starting With B

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Babasolaf Father's property has been inherited boy 73
Babatunji My father returns boy 84
Babin   boy 72
Babis Analytical person from the legends boy 78
Baby Baby unisex 72
Badada Person with a big heart boy 96
Badrick Axe ruler boy 83
Bail A form of vail boy 67
Baird Bard or Minstrel boy 96
Baker Baker boy 66
Balaraju   boy 55
Baldwin Princely Friend boy 73
Baltasar God or lord protect the king boy 95
Balthasar One of the three wise men boy 85
Banagher It means a Pointed Hill boy 100
Banaing The slayer's son boy 79
Bancrofft A field rich of pasture boy 66
Bancroft Pasture filled land boy 77
Band It means a hill covered with broom boy 52
Banjo It is an old English musical instrument boy 96
Bankole The name means Build a home for me. boy 74
Bankroft Pasture field boy 87
Bannan It would mean Commander boy 90
Banner Flag bearer boy 63
Banny Petite and good-looking person boy 73
Banquo Shakespearean name used in The Tragedy of Macbeth boy 81
Baptiste Baptiser boy 87
Barabas Barabba boy 67
Baranan A variant name for ram- the hindu god boy 82
Baranar It means a strange, foreign traveler boy 85
Baraz A person who is regarded as high boy 80
Barbara A traveler from a foreign land ; a stranger unisex 87
Barclay Meadow of Birch Trees boy 78
Bardalph A strong and courageous person boy 60
Bardan One who lives Near the Boar's Den boy 84
Bardarik A bold ruler boy 88
Barde A ballad singer boy 85
Barden Barley valley boy 72
Bardi A bearded man boy 74
Bardon A poetic person who lives in tne valleys boy 55
Bardou Bright and smart wolf boy 67
Bardrick A soldier who works with the axe boy 64
Bardulf A clever , shrewd wolf boy 56
Barend Person like a bear boy 60
Baret As strong as a bear boy 61
Barivendus An idealistic person boy 88
Barley A barley seller by occupation boy 68
Barlowe A hill filled with barley boy 98
Barnab Son of consolation boy 63
Barnabas Barnaby son of prophecy boy 51