Christian Boy Names Starting With C

Name Meaning Gender đź’“Popular
Caaden A battle maiden boy 91
Cab A rope maker boy 53
Cabail It means a rope maker by profession  boy 71
Cabal A private people's group boy 89
Cabales cheerful and friendly boy 86
Cabbrieli A variation of Gabriel and servant of God boy 67
Cabdi Arabic word for servant boy 86
Cactus It means a plant that survives in the desert unisex 95
Cacumattus A rare name that means one who survives through hardships boy 57
Cadassi The name is connected to a person in the sea boy 64
Cadby Warrior's settlement boy 65
Caddam A strong willed person from the warrior\s land boy 56
Caddaric  It means a fearless battle leader. An old Cerdic English name that resembles a Saxon King.. boy 50
Caddarik The one who leads a battle boy 56
Cadden A battle maiden boy 73
Cade One who is round / of the cask unisex 79
Caden A battle maiden unisex 57
Cadence Rhythmic and melodious ; a musical woman unisex 52
Cadman Warrior boy 94
Cadmon A strong willed warrior  boy 80
Cadmus Intelligent person who hails from the east boy 77
Cadog One who survives through a battle boy 63
Cador The name of nephew of King Arthur boy 58
Cadwalader One who leads the battle boy 83
Cadwallader A battle leader boy 84
Cadwur It means the soldier of wisdom boy 99
Caelan Slender unisex 55
Caelic A man from the heavens boy 97
Caiden fighter or battler boy 83
Cain A spear unisex 68
Caitlyn Pure unisex 95
Calder Brook, stream boy 92
Caldwell Near a Cold Well boy 83
Cale A form of Kaleb; Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish) boy 72
Caleb Faithful boy 91
Callie A beautiful girl unisex 87
Callixtus Depicting beauty boy 65
Callum Dove boy 79
Calum Dove boy 70
Calvert Shepherd boy 64
Calvin Bald boy 80
Camden Of the enclosed valley unisex 61
Cameron Bent or crooked nose boy 79
Camerron Having a crooked nose boy 84
Camilla Aceremonial attendant ; a noble virgin unisex 64
Camilo A free born child boy 63
Cammeron Having a crooked nose boy 63
Cammron Having a crooked nose boy 68
Campbell Beautiful field boy 86
Camren Crooked nose unisex 80