Christian Boy Names Starting With E

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Eabbe The name comes from the Hebrew word abbe meaning, "Father of extreme happiness" unisex 51
Eadbhard One who is a rich protector boy 71
Eadfrid One who is responsible. boy 72
Eadfrith One who is generous boy 69
Eadhelm One who is full of life boy 100
Eadmer One who is of high esteem boy 59
Eadred One who is affluent boy 56
Eadsele One who is strong boy 59
Eadsige One who is full of wisdom boy 85
Eaduin One who is idealistic,prosperous and inspirational person. boy 77
Eadulf One who loves to serve others boy 76
Eadwald One who is a great leader boy 76
Eadweald The one who is rich and kind boy 69
Eadwiella The name that person lives by the Old Spring boy 81
Eadwinn One who is wealthy boy 62
Eadwold One who is an independent and a very tolerant person. boy 53
Ealdbehrt One who is independent and happy boy 67
Ean A form of ian boy 55
Eann God is gracious ; in the bible , one of the apostles boy 55
Eapen   boy 89
Earl Nobleman boy 71
Earnest Ernest boy 94
Easton A wholesome woman unisex 67
Eban Stone boy 84
Ebenezer In Hebrew, it means 'stone of help'. boy 68
Ebi Paternal boy 98
Ebin A helping stone boy 88
Ebner A form of abner boy 60
Eboni A dark beauty unisex 76
Ebony A dark beauty unisex 69
Ed A short form of edgar, edward boy 75
Edbert Wealthy; bright boy 69
Edden Delightful , adornment unisex 51
Eddie It means to be happy and good friend boy 72
Eddison Son of edward boy 62
Eddward A wealthy protector boy 80
Eddy A familiar form of edgar, edward boy 55
Eded One who is full of ecstasy unisex 80
Edelhard One who is sincere and candid boy 94
Eden Delightful, adornment boy 66
Edgar Wealthy spearman. boy 76
Edgard A form of edgar boy 64
Edgardo Prosperous and powerful warrior boy 73
Edgarton One who is a buoyant ruler boy 59
Edik One who is a prosperous custodian boy 66
Ediline One who is soft-hearted and polite boy 57
Edingu A passionate and efficient ruler boy 85
Edison Son of edward boy 55
Edisson Son of edward boy 59
Edmond A form of edmund boy 88