Christian Boy Names Starting With H

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Habel One who breathes boy 64
Hac A variation of  Haca boy 57
Hacca A variation of Hac boy 95
Hachi Little prince boy 72
Hackett A traditional Scottish name which means woodsman boy 81
Hadden Heather-covered hill boy 93
Hadeed Rejoice in the Lord boy 96
Haden A form of hadden boy 63
Hadriel Majesty of god boy 52
Hadwin Frind in a time of war boy 76
Haemath Gifted person boy 71
Hagley Enclosed meadow boy 50
Haiden A form of hayden boy 62
Haig Enclosed with hedges boy 90
Haines From the vine-covered cottage boy 62
Hal A short form of harold, halden boy 96
Halbert Shining hero boy 51
Hale A short form of haley boy 75
Haleigh Hay clearing or unisex 81
Halford Valley ford boy 66
Hall Manor hall boy 54
Hallam Valley boy 72
Hallan Dweller at the hall boy 86
Halle As solid as a rock unisex 53
Halley From the field of hay unisex 50
Hallie From the hall ; woman of the sea ; from the field of hay unisex 67
Halton Estate on the hill boy 80
Ham Hot boy 78
Hame This means a cave boy 81
Hamie A reliable friend boy 95
Hamill Scarred boy 96
Hamilton Proud estate boy 76
Hamish Variant of Jacob; Supplanter boy 72
Hamisi A bold, bubbly person boy 81
Hammet Village boy 58
Hammond Village boy 53
Hampton Geography:a town in england boy 54
Handel A form of john boy 67
Hanes An idealistic person boy 85
Hang The means the moon boy 61
Hank The ruler of the house boy 87
Hanker Determined person boy 92
Hanley High meadow boy 60
Hannibal Baal has favored boy 55
Hanns God's gracious gift heman - faithful boy 71
Hanok   boy 73
Hans Swan boy 53
Happy Happy boy 87
Harac It means oak tree boy 90
Haraford It means a hare's ford boy 72