Christian Boy Names Starting With O

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Oachim God will establish boy 77
Oakley Oak-tree field boy 62
Obadiah Servant of god boy 91
Obama African name meaning "blessed". boy 61
Obasolape The person who is complete by the Lord boy 63
Obatotosinloluwa One who is praised by people around him boy 98
Obed A short form of obadiah boy 86
Oceanus The one who carries the beauty and calmness of the ocean boy 95
Ocelfa He who survives all trials in life boy 72
Octavia Eighth unisex 100
Octavian Eighth boy 81
Octavio Eighth unisex 63
Octavius Eighth unisex 79
Odalis Wealth unisex 74
Oded Strong omar - first son, disciple boy 57
Odessa Filled with wrath unisex 59
Odin   boy 71
Ogden Oak valley. boy 66
Ola One who is precious/ giver of life ; well- being / a relic of one’s ancestors unisex 90
Olaf The remaining of the ancestors boy 96
Ole Ancestor boy 55
Olee The remaining of the ancestors unisex 52
Olga Holy unisex 64
Olin Holly boy 59
Olive Olive ; olive tree unisex 53
Oliver In Latin origin, it means 'olive tree'. In German, it means 'elf army'. boy 62
Ollie A familiar form of oliver boy 58
Olliver Elf army boy 80
Olsen Son of ole boy 71
Olson Son of ole boy 90
Omari   boy 89
Omarr Long life , first son , most high , the prophet's follower boy 66
Ommar Long life , first son , most high , the prophet's follower boy 84
Oneil It is an Irish surname meaning descendant boy 57
Oommen   boy 65
Opal A treasured jewel ; resembling the iridescent gemstone unisex 91
Ophelia One who offers help to others unisex 74
Ophir Honest boy 60
Oran Pale one; pine ornice - cedar tree boy 100
Orin A dark-haired beauty unisex 87
Orland Famous country unisex 78
Orlando Famous country unisex 72
Orlondo Famous country boy 97
Ormond Bear mountain; spear protector boy 64
Orra Seacoast unisex 91
Orran The name of an english river boy 96
Orren From the pine tree / a pale-skinned man boy 88
Orrick Old oak tree boy 52
Orrin River boy 84
Orton Shore town boy 62