Christian Boy Names Starting With P

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Pablo Small ; humble unisex 58
Pace A form of pascal boy 85
Pacey A form of pace boy 52
Packiaraj   boy 72
Paden A form of patton boy 84
Paisley A tear drop pattern often printed on textiles unisex 67
Palmer Palm-bearing pilgrim boy 98
Palti My escape boy 77
Pandian South Indian kings boy 96
Parish angelic boy 54
Pariss Woman of the city in france unisex 90
Parker Park keeper boy 85
Parkin Little peter boy 76
Parkker The guardian of a farm unisex 99
Parris Woman of the city in france unisex 88
Parrker The caretaker of the animal park unisex 58
Party He who is flexible and positive spirited boy 91
Pat A short form of patrick boy 81
Patrice A patrician unisex 60
Patrick Nobleman paul - small boy 77
Patt A noble- man ; patrician unisex 74
Patton Warrior's town boy 74
Pattrick A noble- man ; patrician boy 77
Paul Small; humble boy 66
Paule Small; humble unisex 98
Paulina A small or humble man unisex 95
Pauline Small ; humble unisex 64
Paull A small or humble man boy 77
Paulose   boy 66

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boy 68
Paulson   boy 90
Pavel Small boy 87
Paxton From the peaceful town unisex 89
Payden A form of payton boy 88
Payton A form of patton boy 58
Pearce A form of pierce boy 67
Pedro As solid and strong as a rock unisex 63
Peers A form of peter boy 58
Peggy Pearl unisex 84
Peirce A form of peter boy 68
Pelham Tannery town boy 63
Pell Parchment boy 93
Pelton Town by a pool boy 51
Pendle Hill boy 72
Penley Enclosed meadow boy 76
Penny Weaver ; duck unisex 81
Percy Pierce valley unisex 80
Perkin Little peter boy 72
Perla Pearl unisex 63
Perry A familiar form of peregrine boy 62