Christian Boy Names Starting With U

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Udaykiran   boy 96
Udeh Praise boy 56
Udhay To rise, Blue Lotus boy 52
Udo One with great fortune. boy 54
Uehudah Name honoring john the baptist boy 59
Uhila He who is as fast as lightining boy 81
Ulmer Famous wolf boy 71
Ulric Prosperity boy 57
Ulrich World ruler boy 51
Ulysses Walker unisex 82
Umberto Famous giant boy 59
Unfrid One who is full of  peace. boy 95
Unknown Unknown unisex 87
Uri Light uriah - god is light boy 82
Uriah God is light boy 66
Uriel Light of god boy 93
Usher Doorkeeper boy 61
Utai One who is helped by Jehovah  boy 98

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boy 54
Uzi My strength boy 89
Uzzia Visible Power Of Jehovah boy 96