Christian Boy Names Starting With W

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Wacian A man who is alert always boy 83
Wade To cross the river ford unisex 64
Wael A form of wales boy 98
Wain A form of wayne boy 93
Waite Watchman boy 90
Wake Awake, alert boy 66
Wakely Wet meadow boy 65
Walby House near a wall boy 87
Walcot One who is a humble and righteous man boy 79
Walden Wooded valley boy 62
Waldron Ruler boy 94
Wales From wales boy 53
Walker One who trods the cloth unisex 77
Wallace A Scottish name for foreigner boy 80
Wally A familiar form of walter boy 98
Walsh A form of wallace boy 79
Walt A short form of walter boy 75
Walter The commander of the army unisex 90
Walton Walled town boy 51
Walwyn Welsh friend boy 71
Wamwarav One who is smart and intuitive boy 90
Wanda A sandhill unisex 61
Warden Valley guardian boy 73
Wardley Watchman's meadow boy 91
Ware Wary, cautions boy 76
Warick Town hero boy 80
Warley Meadow near the weir or fish trap boy 81
Warmond One who is a loyal custodian boy 79
Warren Guard ; the game unisex 91
Warton Town near the weir or fish trap boy 96
Watkins Son of walter boy 72
Watson Son of walter boy 95
Waverley Quaking aspen unisex 62
Wayde A form of wade boy 56
Waylon Land by the road boy 72
Wayne Wagon maker boy 81
Waynne One who builds wagons boy 70
Webb Weaver boy 90
Webley Weaver's meadow boy 61
Welie A blessing of God boy 65
Welsh A form of wallance, walsh boy 78
Wendel One who travels ; a wanderer boy 97
Wendell One who travels ; a wanderer unisex 57
Wendy One who is fair ; of the white ring unisex 64
Wensley Clearing in a meadow boy 58
Werner A form of warner boy 85

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boy 90
Wesly A form of wesley boy 84
Wessley From the western meadow boy 100
Westin A form of weston boy 59