Christian Girl Names Starting With E

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Eabbe The name comes from the Hebrew word abbe meaning, "Father of extreme happiness" unisex 51
Eadda Wealthy; successful girl 63
Eadgyfu One who has good moral values and right-minded girl 54
Eadita One who is very diligent and amusing girl 88
Eadmund A form of edmunda girl 95
Eadwina A blessed friend girl 56
Eadwine A form of edwina girl 83
Ealasaid A faithful devotee girl 69
Ealda One who rules the universe girl 65
Ealhhild One who is physically strong girl 91
Eama One who comprises of the whole universe girl 58
Eanflaed One who is a compassionate being girl 70
Earlene Noblewoman girl 76
Earna Eagle girl 52
Earnestyna A form of ernestina girl 96
Eartha Earthy girl 57
Earwyn A form of erwina girl 93
Earwyna A form of erwina girl 84
Easter Easter time girl 72
Easton A wholesome woman unisex 67
Eathelin Noble waterfall girl 99
Eathelyn Noble waterfall girl 86
Ebbony A dark beauty girl 55
Eboni A dark beauty unisex 76
Ebonii A dark beauty girl 79
Ebony A dark beauty unisex 69
Echo Return of Sound girl 100
Eda Wealthy girl 75
Edana Fiery girl 87
Edden Delightful , adornment unisex 51
Eddith Rich gift girl 97
Eded One who is full of ecstasy unisex 80
Edelburga Noble protector girl 97
Edeline Noble; Good Cheer girl 57
Edeva Expensive present girl 87
Edie A familiar form of edith girl 79
Edilburga Noble protector girl 53
Edina Prosperous fort girl 85
Edith Rich Gift girl 80
Edlen Noble waterfall girl 75
Edlyn Noblewoman girl 84
Edmanda A form of edmunda girl 77
Edmunda Prosperous protector girl 93
Edna Pleasure girl 79
Edrea A short form of edrice, edrianna girl 52
Edria Mighty girl 51
Edrice Prosperous ruler girl 67
Eduarda A form of edwardina girl 58
Eduardo A form of edwardina girl 67
Edwardina Prosperous quardian girl 68