Christian Girl Names Starting With F

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Fa The beginning of life girl 67
Faaiz Successful person girl 50
Fabeena Religious person girl 60
Fabiola A bean unisex 93
Fabiya one who trades beans girl 51
Fadhili One who is compassionate to fellow beings unisex 99
Fae Fairy girl 55
Faina Crown or garland girl 77
Fairlee From a yellow meadow girl 56
Fairy Ruler of the elves girl 91
Faith Faith; confidence; belief girl 83
Fallon A command woman unisex 97
Falon Leader unisex 80
Fanchon Free, whimsical girl 59
Fancy Whimsical; decorative girl 86
Fanny From france girl 52
Faren Wanderer girl 72
Farrah Beautiful; pleaant girl 55
Farren Wanderer girl 74
Fate Fate girl 83
Fay A form of faye girl 79
Fayre Fair; light haired girl 50
Faythe A form of faith girl 62
Feba   girl 84
Federico Peaceful ruler unisex 60
Felberta Brilliant girl 63
Felci   girl 72
Felcin   girl 100
Felecia Happy girl 73
Felicia Happy unisex 50
Felicity A form of felicia girl 89
Felipe One who loves horses unisex 64
Felisha Happy girl 64
Fellicia Fortunate or happy girl 84
Femi   girl 61
Fenmore One who is loving by heart unisex 93
Fern Fern girl 98
Fernanda Uncertain unisex 77
Fernley From the fern meadow girl 100
Ffion A Scottish name that denotes fair and graceful girl 82
Fiachra A raven who is a saint by mind unisex 68
Fidelity A man true to his family unisex 76
Fifine Fifi he shall add girl 50
Finlay Fair warrior unisex 75
Finley Fair warrior unisex 91
Finn A fair-haired man unisex 60
Finnegan A fair- haired man unisex 63
Finnley Haired unisex 81
Finuala A just and fair person unisex 55

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