Christian Girl Names Starting With O

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Oceana Ocean girl 72
Oceanna From the sea girl 91
Octavia Eighth unisex 100
Octavio Eighth unisex 63
Octavius Eighth unisex 79
Odalis Wealth unisex 74
Odalys Wealth girl 80
Odeda Strong girl 71
Odella Wood hill girl 58
Odera Plough ofira - gold girl 98
Odessa Filled with wrath unisex 59
Odetta Wealth girl 63
Odette Wealth girl 63
Ohawna God's gracious gift girl 67
Oksana Hospitality girl 86
Oksanna Hospitality girl 92
Ola One who is precious/ giver of life ; well- being / a relic of one’s ancestors unisex 90
Olee The remaining of the ancestors unisex 52
Olga Holy unisex 64
Olive Olive ; olive tree unisex 53
Olivette Elf army girl 96
Olivia In Latin, it means, 'peace','Olive tree'. The name is a feminine form of the name Oliver meaning ‘elf warrior'  was used first in the Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night. girl 84
Olla One who is precious/ giver of life ; well- being / a relic of one’s ancestors girl 58
Olle The remaining of the ancestors girl 50
Ollive Olive branch ; symbol of peace girl 52
Ollivia Elf army girl 85
Olympia From mount olympus ; a goddess girl 98
Olyvia Elf army girl 94
Ona River girl 96
Oona One who is pure ; chaste girl 80
Opal A treasured jewel ; resembling the iridescent gemstone unisex 91
Opaline Jewel girl 74
Ophelia One who offers help to others unisex 74
Oprah Runaway oralee - lord is my light girl 96
Ora Seacoast girl 71
Oralee My light girl 74
Oralia Golden; light girl 86
Oreen From the pine tree / a pale-skinned man girl 89
Orianna Born at sunrise girl 88
Orin A dark-haired beauty unisex 87
Orland Famous country unisex 78
Orlando Famous country unisex 72
Orli The light is mine girl 82
Ornella It means,'flowering ash-tree'. girl 95
Orpah Fawn girl 52
Orra Seacoast unisex 91
Orva Brave friend girl 65
Orville From the gold town unisex 69
Oscar A spear of the gods / a friend of deer unisex 62
Osma Divine protector girl 57