Christian Girl Names Starting With X

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Xami One who is full of wisdom girl 70
Xander Defending men unisex 74
Xandra Defending men girl 65
Xantara One who is the guardian of the universe girl 95
Xanthe Yellow girl 66
Xanthia Yellow girl 75
Xantina One who is a great devotee of the Lord girl 89
Xaverie The name is a female variant of Xavier, meaning 'a new beginning'. girl 71
Xavia New house unisex 77
Xaviera New house girl 81
Xena Foreigner girl 58
Xene One who is a newcomer girl 54
Xenia Welcoming girl 66
Xenna Hospitable girl 91
Ximena Listening girl 91
Ximenna A heroine girl 94
Xinavane One who is blessed abundantly girl 56
Xiomara Uncertain girl 96
Xoana Most graceful God, The Almighty girl 72
Xoese One who has great belief unisex 56
Xyla Of the wooded land girl 87
Xylia Of the wooded land girl 85
Xylina Of the wooded land girl 89