Christian Unisex Names Starting With D

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Dakkota A friend to all unisex 87
Dakota A friend to all unisex 87
Dakotta A friend to all unisex 93
Dallas Meadow stance unisex 100
Dalton Town in the valley unisex 53
Damian One who tames or subdues others unisex 91
Damion To tame unisex 67
Damon To tame unisex 96
Daniell God is my judge unisex 54
Dann God is my judge unisex 81
Danna Woman from denmark unisex 60
Danne Of the divine ; in mythology , goddess of the moon and the hunt unisex 66
Danniel God is my judge unisex 67
Dante An enduring man ; everlasting unisex 96
Darby Of the deer park unisex 66
Darcy From arcy unisex 68
Dareen Our little darling unisex 54
Darian A gift unisex 51
Darien A gift unisex 55
Darin Great unisex 64
Darion A gift unisex 88
Darragh Fertile unisex 83
Darrian A gift unisex 67
Darrien A gift unisex 61
Darrin Great unisex 67
Darrion A gift unisex 69
Darron Great unisex 60
Darryl From airelle unisex 62
Daryl From airelle unisex 92
Daryll Darling unisex 55
Davee The beloved one unisex 59
Davian Beloved unisex 67
Davignon He who cares for people unisex 62
Davion Brilliant finn unisex 63
Davu The beginning of a new life unisex 93
Daylen Hollow or valley unisex 65
Dayton From the sunny town unisex 55
Deandra Man unisex 82
Deanne From the valley ; a church official unisex 88
Declan The name of a saint unisex 60
Dedrick The ruler of the tribe unisex 91
Dehateh The intelligent and wealthy man unisex 52
Deidre A broken- hearted or raging woman unisex 56
Deion Of zeus unisex 69
Dejon God is gracious unisex 86
Dejuan A talkative man unisex 97
Delbert Bright as day unisex 59
Delia Of delos unisex 58
Demarcus The son of marcus unisex 62
Demario From the god mars unisex 65