Christian Unisex Names Starting With G

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Gabriell Heroine of god unisex 92
Gabriella God is my might unisex 99
Gaerwn It indicated the white colour unisex 77
Gage Of the pledge unisex 78
Gaige Of the pledge unisex 97
Galen A healer ; one who is calm unisex 70
Gareth Uncertain unisex 65
Garland Garland-maker unisex 92
Garret Strength of the unisex 80
Gavyn White falcon unisex 69
Gedla The native of a place named Gedling unisex 93
Gene A well- born man unisex 64
Genevieve White wave ; fair-skinned unisex 59
Geoffrey A man of peace unisex 68
Gerald One who rules with the spear unisex 59
Geraldine Spear ruler unisex 71
Gerardo Strength of the unisex 69
German Brother unisex 53
Gert He who has the strength of a spear unisex 82
Gethwine A person of dusky skin unisex 97
Ghislain He who has been taken as hostage unisex 95
Gianna God is gracious unisex 95
Gianni God is gracious unisex 98
Gilberto Bright oath unisex 64
Ginger A lively woman ; resembling the spice unisex 94
Giovani God is gracious unisex 76
Giovanny God is gracious unisex 62
Giselle One who offers her pledge unisex 71
Gladys One who is lame claudelle , gladys unisex 56
Glen From the secluded narrow valley unisex 52
Glenda Clean and good unisex 96
Glenn From the secluded narrow valley unisex 79
Godelief Loved by the gods unisex 68
Graciela Grace unisex 100
Grady One who is famous ; noble unisex 96
Greg One who is vigilant ; watchful unisex 94
Gregg One who is vigilant ; watchful unisex 76
Gregorio Watcher unisex 92
Greta Resembling a pearl unisex 60
Gretchen Pearl unisex 92
Griffin Reddish unisex 58
Griselda A gray- haired battle maid ; one who fights the dark battle unisex 100
Guadalupe From the valley of wolves unisex 90
Guillermo Will unisex 92
Gunnar A bold warrior unisex 98
Gustavo Stave of the goths unisex 91
Guy Guide unisex 69
Gwendolyn One who is fair ; of the white ring unisex 53