Christian Unisex Names Starting With P

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Pablo Small ; humble unisex 58
Paisley A tear drop pattern often printed on textiles unisex 67
Pariss Woman of the city in france unisex 90
Parkker The guardian of a farm unisex 99
Parris Woman of the city in france unisex 88
Parrker The caretaker of the animal park unisex 58
Patrice A patrician unisex 60
Patt A noble- man ; patrician unisex 74
Paule Small; humble unisex 98
Paulina A small or humble man unisex 95
Pauline Small ; humble unisex 64
Paxton From the peaceful town unisex 89
Pedro As solid and strong as a rock unisex 63
Peggy Pearl unisex 84
Penny Weaver ; duck unisex 81
Percy Pierce valley unisex 80
Perla Pearl unisex 63
Petra Stone unisex 93
Phoenix A dark red color ; in mythology , an immortal bird unisex 76
Phyllis Of the foliage ; in mythology , a girl who was turned into an almond tree unisex 54
Porsha Pig unisex 84
Porter The door- keeper unisex 98
Portia Pig unisex 75
Prabhjot Lord's light unisex 54
Precious One who is treasured unisex 52
Presley Priest's meadow unisex 95
Pressley Priest's meadow unisex 82