Christian Unisex Names Starting With V

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Val One who is strong and healthy unisex 87
Vale Valley unisex 92
Valencia One who is powerful ; strong ; from the city of valencia unisex 62
Valentine One who is strong and healthy unisex 69
Valeria To be healthy unisex 95
Valery To be healthy unisex 83
Vanna She who sifts unisex 67
Vaughan Small unisex 95
Vaughn Small unisex 95
Vern From the alder-tree grove unisex 91
Vick Victor unisex 80
Vickie Conqueror ; victory unisex 79
Violeta Violet unisex 62
Virgil The staff-bearer unisex 77
Virginia One who is chaste; unisex 81
Viridiana Young ; fresh unisex 86
Vivian Lively woman unisex 58
Viviana Alive unisex 56
Vivien Alive unisex 87
Von Small unisex 72
Vonn From (the family of) unisex 82
Vy Alive unisex 82