Christian Unisex Names Starting With W

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Wade To cross the river ford unisex 64
Walker One who trods the cloth unisex 77
Walter The commander of the army unisex 90
Wanda A sandhill unisex 61
Warren Guard ; the game unisex 91
Waverley Quaking aspen unisex 62
Wendell One who travels ; a wanderer unisex 57
Wendy One who is fair ; of the white ring unisex 64
Weston West enclosure unisex 62
Whitley From the white meadow unisex 54
Wilhelmina The determined protector unisex 56
Will Will unisex 85
Willa Will unisex 67
Willard Will unisex 87
Willie Will unisex 59
Willis Will unisex 65
Wilma Will unisex 62
Winter Winter unisex 75
Wren Resembling a small songbird unisex 96
Wrenn Resembling a small songbird unisex 88
Wynne Friend unisex 88