Hindu Boy Names Starting With P

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Pa Pa unisex 91
Paak Innocent, Simple, Young, Ignorant, Pure, Clean boy 67
Paal King, Guardian, Moment boy 50
Paalin Guarding, Protecting boy 85
Paalit Precious, Protected boy 72
Paandu Father of the Pandavas boy 70
Paandurang A diety, Vishnu avatar boy 90
Paanik Hand boy 83
Paaninee A Sanskrit grammarian boy 90
Paaraj Gold boy 100
Paarak Saving, Liberating, Pleasant boy 67
Paaras The mystical stone that is believed to convert base metals to gold, Healthy, Touchstone, Iron boy 68
Paarbrahm The supreme spirit boy 78
Paarth another name of Arjuna boy 99
Paarthiban Another name of king Arjun boy 62
Paarthiv earthly boy 78
Paaru The Sun, Fire, Goddess Parvati, Graceful or flow of water boy 57
Paarvendan A person who can rule the world boy 85
Paasy One of the kauravas boy 65
Paatav Agile, Clever boy 55
Paavak pure boy 61
Paavaki One of a kind or rare, Quite new, Exquisite, Unprecedented, Like never before, Unique, Unmatched boy 56
Paavan pure, sacred boy 76
Paawan Pure, Sacred, Fire, Incense, Pious boy 95
Pachai Youthful, Resourceful boy 53
Pachaimani Youthful, Resourceful boy 95
Pachaimuthu Youthful, Resourceful boy 91
Pachak Digestive boy 88
Padam Lotus boy 80
Padamjit The person who is beautiful like the Lotus boy 62
Padampal A man who loves Lord Krishna boy 65
Padamprem A devout follower of Lord Krishna boy 75
Padm lotus boy 86
Padmabandhu friend of lotus (bee, sun) boy 85
Padmadhar one who holds a lotus boy 87
Padmahasta Name of Godess Lakshmi unisex 73
Padmaj Lord Brahama boy 58
Padmakant husband of lotus (sun) boy 71
Padmakar jewel, Lord Vishnu boy 89
Padmaksh Lotus eyed boy 71
Padmal lotus unisex 69
Padmalochan lotus eyed boy 50
Padmam Lotus boy 65
Padman lotus boy 92
Padmanaabhah He from whose navel comes the lotus boy 82
Padmanaban Padmanabhan comes from the Hindu word which means, Lotus navelled, A name of Lord Vishnu boy 77
Padmanabh One with lotus in his navel, Lord Vishnu boy 54
Padmanabha Lord Vishnu boy 63
Padmanabhan One with lotus in his navel, Lord Vishnu boy 82
Padmapani Lord Bramha boy 71