Hindu Girl Names Starting With A

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Aabha Glow girl 88
Aabharana Jewel girl 93
Aabheri A Raaga in Indian music girl 86
Aabinta expressive, fun-loving nature, Powerful and complete girl 58
Aachal It is name that means steady or immovable girl 75
Aadanya Derived from the name of King Cheran girl 52
Aadarsha Idol, Mentor, With An ideology girl 63
Aadarshini Idealistic girl 100
Aadharsha It is a hindi word meaning pride, honour girl 55
Aadhini The beginning girl 98
Aadhira Lightning, Strong, The Moon; Moon girl 68
Aadhirai A special star girl 90
Aadhrika Mountain or celestial girl 53
Aadhriti Stalwart girl 59
Aadhvitha Unique, one of a kind girl 76
Aadhya the beginning, first girl 93
Aadhyasri First power, The beginning girl 71
Aadhyavi Warrior princess girl 75

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girl 51
Aadishree It means 'first girl' girl 90
Aadishri First, More important girl 99
Aadita from the beginning girl 73
Aadithi Mother of the gods, Liberty, Perfection, Creativity, Freedom, Safety, Abundance girl 61
Aaditri Highest honor, Goddess Lakshmi girl 82
Aadrika Mountain girl 68
Aadrika; Adrika Mountain; Celestial girl 83
Aadriti Goddess Durga, Ray girl 91
Aadvika World, Earth, Unique girl 55
Aadwidha Original; Perfection girl 64
Aadya The earliest, Lord Shiva unisex 83
Aadyasha It is a baby name that means the 'first' girl 96
Aaghnya Born from fire, Goddess Lakshmi girl 83
Aahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, First rise of the Sun girl 81
Aahlaadita bubbling with delight girl 95
Aahladita In Happy mood, Delighted girl 57
Aahna Existance girl 97
Aaira The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life girl 94
Aakaanksha Desire, Wish girl 84
Aakaansha Wish, Desire, Dream girl 58
Aakanksha desire, expectation girl 62
Aakansha Wish, Desire, Dream girl 96
Aakarsha Above everybody girl 90
Aakarshika Having attractive power girl 78
Aakash Laxmi Sky limit girl 89
Aakriti Shape girl 71
Aakruthi Shape, Structure girl 57
Aakruti Shape, Structure girl 84
Aakshaya Eternal, Immortal, Indestructible, Goddess Parvati girl 65
Aalaya Home, Refuge girl 98
Aaleahya Sunshine girl 98