Hindu Unisex Names Starting With T

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Taai Obedient, willing unisex 93
Taaj One who is crowned unisex 76
Taan The strength to do an act ethically unisex 81
Taral liquid unisex 50
Tarani boat, sun unisex 53
Taru small plant unisex 73
Tejal bright unisex 66
Temidayo Joy is mine unisex 50
Therein The first ray of light unisex 85

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unisex 85
Thura The Morning Rays of the Sun unisex 70
Thuya First ray of light unisex 99
Thuza Bright-faced like an angel unisex 80
Toya water unisex 92
Tridiva heaven unisex 88
Trilochana Three eyed Lord unisex 63
Trinetra Lord Shiva, 3 eyed unisex 66