Muslim Boy Names Starting With D

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Da'ud Arabic form of david, beloved; a prophet's name boy 97
Daadar Brother; Dear friend; Another name for God boy 89
Daaim It is an Arabic name that means, 'one with a deep personlity'. A charming charismatic person. boy 50
Daana Wise and prudent boy 61
Daaood Name of a Prophet boy 73
Daar The owner; Master; Another name for God boy 84
Dabbah Latch; Door lock boy 50
Dabir Secretary boy 95
Daboor Morning breeze boy 73
Dadmehr Lover of justice boy 85
Dadvar He who is sincere and just boy 100
Daeb Diligent boy 97
Daeej One who has large beautiful eyes boy 58
Dafiq Jubilant; Buoyant; Active boy 84
Dafqah Brust boy 56
Dagar Open space; Battle field boy 59
Daghfal Name of ibn-hanzalah boy 83
Daha Blazing , very bright boy 80
Dahbal Name of Wahb Ibn boy 66
Dahban Gold plated boy 88
Dahhak One who laughs much boy 53
Dahi Lion; Rapid boy 75
Dahiah Intelligent boy 93
Dahiyyah Intelligent boy 51
Dahus Lion boy 75
Daib Happy fellow boy 77
Daiyan A mighty ruler; Judge; Guard boy 50
Dakhil Foreigner; Stranger boy 73
Dalaj A mufti of Baghdad, Ibn Ahma boy 61
Daleel The Arabic name for boys means 'guide', 'mentor'. boy 90
Daler Brave boy 51
Dalil Another name of God; Evidence; Guide boy 81
Dalir Brave boy 53
Dameer Heart; Conscience boy 64
Damurah A sparkle of light; Fire boy 59
Daneer Radiant boy 89
Danish To be clever, Full of knowledge and wisdom, Merciful, Intelligence, Consciousness boy 68
Daniyal Intelligent boy 88
Daqr A beautiful and thriving garden boy 55
Darab Big gate; A name boy 73
Dareeb Trained boy 53
Dareeq Mender boy 87
Darim A narrator of Hadith boy 58
Darkan Perceptive boy 71
Darmal Medicine boy 69

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boy 56
Darrak Prudent; Wise boy 91
Daruj Fast boy 80
Darvesh Humble; religious; gentleman boy 70
Darvish Humble being; Religious beggar boy 52