Muslim Boy Names Starting With F

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Faabis Happy boy 67
Faadhil A generous personality boy 77
Faakhir Proud,excellent boy 60
Faareh A happy person boy 82
Faaris Horseman,knight boy 62
Faarooq He who distinguishes truth from falsehood boy 62
Faateer One who thinks of new ideas boy 96
Faateh A victorious leader  boy 96
Faatih One who openly conquers all that he sees in his path boy 80
Faatin Captivating boy 66
Faatir One who makes joy in life boy 52
Faaz Victorious, successful. boy 61
Fadgham It means a man who is handsome boy 70
Fadhil An honorable personality boy 99
Fadhiler It means a man known for his excellence boy 80
Fadhl A man who is generous and loving boy 92
Fadi Redeemer boy 95
Fadil Generous, honorable boy 88
Fadl Outstanding,honorable boy 53
Fadl Allah Favor of Allah boy 66
Fadl Ullah The excellence of god boy 52
Fadri Fadri means one who rules in peace boy 65
Faeem Famed boy 73
Faeq Surpassing; Excellent boy 66
Faghir Name of a flower boy 80
Fahad A type of cat like panther boy 81
Fahd Lynx boy 65
Fahdah Leopard boy 84
Fahdi Strong boy 95
Faheel Intelligent boy 88
Faheem Keen to learn new things boy 65
Fahim Intelligent; Beautiful boy 88
Fahimat Understanding boy 79
Fahimuddin Practical attitude in life boy 80

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boy 63
Fahmat Comprehension boy 76
Fahmi Intelligent; Discerning boy 57
Fahmin A boy who is responsible in life boy 71
Fahmun Intelligent boy 81
Fahyim Very clever boy 78
Faid The benefit; Advantage; Gain boy 78
Faihami Understanding boy 80
Faihan Fragant boy 95
Faik Surpassing; Excellent; Leader boy 90
Faiq Surpassing; Excellent; Leader boy 52
Faisa One who takes bold decisions boy 93
Faisal Decisive; Sword boy 67
Faiyaz Artistic boy 72
Faiz Gain; Victorious boy 70
Faizaan Favorite; Beneficence; Generosity; Abundance; Benefit boy 86