Muslim Boy Names Starting With K

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Kaaden A beloved companion boy 83
Kaami Wishes or Desires that are fulfilled are implied by the name Kaami boy 62
Kaamil Perfect boy 74
Kaarin Purity; To achieve; Celebrating; Happy boy 57
Kaashif Uncovered; Pioneer; Discoverer boy 86
Kaazim Kaazim is a Muslim name that means 'one who refrains from anger ' boy 79
Kab Fame; Honor; High rank boy 71
Kabaark Noble; Dignitaries boy 54
Kabar Tomb boy 53
Kabeer A spiritual leader boy 85
Kabeer; Kabir Name of a famous poet-saint; A mystic poet or poet sants of India boy 90
Kabir Famous saint boy 83
Kadan A beloved companion unisex 75
Kadar Powerful boy 97
Kadden A beloved companion boy 85
Kadeem Slave to god boy 61
Kadeen Friend, companion,confidant boy 62
Kadeer Green or green crop(connoting freshness and innocence) boy 72
Kadenn A beloved companion boy 76
Kader A powerful man boy 56
Kadin Friend, companion,confidant boy 86
Kadir Ray of light; Shoot of grass; Green boy 56
Kadon A beloved companion boy 79
Kadynn A beloved companion unisex 84
Kaedin A beloved companion unisex 56
Kafalat To help boy 100
Kafeel Responsible; Surety; Sponsor; Guarantor boy 100
Kafil Responsible; Surety; Sponsor; Guarantor boy 87
Kafiyah Sufficient boy 86
Kahal One who has dark eyelids boy 52
Kahil Friend, lover boy 84
Kahill Best friend boy 78
Kahlil Honorable comrade boy 70
Kahul One who has beautiful black eyes boy 75
Kaidan A beloved companion unisex 83
Kaidin A beloved companion unisex 73
Kaidon A beloved companion boy 71
Kaifi Jolly; Tipsy; Intoxicated; Lusty boy 60
Kaiiden A beloved companion boy 94
Kaiqad Dapple boy 72
Kaisan Wise; A companion of the prophet boy 64
Kaiser Caesar; Emperor; King boy 63
Kajji An authority of Hadith at Baghdad boy 98
Kal Beautiful, good friend boy 50
Kalam Speech; Conversation; Philosophy; Discussion; Compliment boy 62
Kalan Stream unisex 54

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boy 57
Kalbi An authority on genealogy and the Quran boy 58
Kaleem   boy 82
Kaleema Blackish boy 56