Muslim Boy Names Starting With L

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Laal It is  a Hindu name meaning 'dear' or 'beloved' boy 69
Labeeb Sensible, intelligent boy 64
Labib Sensible, intelligent boy 89
Labid A companion boy 85
Lablab Ivy boy 59
Laeeq Able; Fit; Deserving boy 74
Laham Intuition; Conjecture; Wisdom boy 94
Lahan Merciful boy 69
Lahiq White-colored boy 67
Laiq Able; Fit; Deserving boy 87
Lais A famous jurist had this name boy 76
Laith Lion boy 79
Lajbar Name of a precious stone boy 62
Lajlaj Companion of prophet Muhammad boy 54
Lakeisha Alive unisex 63
Lal   boy 86

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boy 79
Lamaan Glimmer boy 88
Laman A bright and happy man boy 57
Lameek One whose eyelids are attratively dark boy 57
Lamihah Glances boy 62
Laqeet Well known companion of the prophet boy 50
Lasin Belief boy 99
Laskhar Soldier; Army boy 73
Lateef Kind; Elegant boy 53
Latheef   boy 65
Latif Gentle, kind, pleasant, friendly boy 73
Layan soft, gentle, unify boy 85
Layeeq Proper; Worthy; Capable; Clever boy 77
Layiq Proper; Worthy; Capable; Clever boy 50
Layth Lion; Famous boy 63
Layyin Tender; Resilient boy 66
Layzal Another name of God; Immortal; Undying boy 62
Lazimah Sought after boy 86
Laziz A variant of the name  Lazeez which means 'pleasant'  boy 85
Leil It means sunset or dusk boy 55
Lewend A Kurdish name that means, 'a handsome boy' boy 68
Liaquat Decorum; Decency; Competence boy 82
Liban Successful; Charmed boy 74
Limazah A narrator of Hadith boy 75
Lisan Tongue; Language; Defender of humanity boy 59
Lisanuddin The language of religion (Islam) boy 68
Liyaqat Worth; Deserving; Merit boy 64
Lodhi A famous afghan tribe boy 79
Lu'ay Proper name boy 74
Luay Shield boy 73
Lubaid Old Arabic name boy 83
Lubayd Old Arabic name boy 54
Luft Leniecy boy 51
Luham Great boy 85