Muslim Boy Names Starting With T

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Taabish One who behaves well boy 97
Taafeef A good hymn of God boy 72
Taahid To console; To guard boy 71
Taahir Chaste,modest boy 78
Taai Obedient, willing unisex 93
Taaj One who is crowned unisex 76
Taajwar One who has power to rule a kingdom boy 82
Taalim The name means the one who rise high up boy 67
Taamir One who knows dates boy 98
Taaraz Sturdy; Strong; Ornamentation; Decoration boy 52
Taatheer One who is successful in producing a desired result boy 70
Tabaarak A highly respected and blessed soul boy 61
Tabari A famous historian boy 87
Tabarik One who is highly exalted boy 100
Tabbah Another name of Madina city boy 63
Tabbar Family; Caste; Race boy 85
Tabeed One who shines like a glitter  boy 80
Tabnak Hot; Bright boy 85
Tabraiz Ugly thin mental boy 91
Tabrez Challenging,showing openly boy 61
Tabrid To cool boy 70
Tabsheer A person who brings good news. boy 91
Tafazzul Courteousness boy 91
Tafazzul Husain Favor of Husain boy 82
Tafheem Understanding; Knowledge boy 97
Taha Pure boy 65
Tahawwur Rashness boy 54
Tahbeer Decorate; Beautify boy 59
Taheem Pure boy 87
Taheer Pure; Chaste; Clean; Modest; Holy boy 78
Taher Pure; Chaste; Clean; Modest; Holy boy 55
Tahfeez One who is praiseworthy  boy 51
Tahib Watchful boy 68
Tahir holy boy 74
Tahmeed Praise of Almighty Allah; Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah boy 66
Tahmid Praise of Almighty Allah; Thanks to the graceful and merciful Allah boy 63
Tahoor Purity boy 98
Tahseen Beautification ; one who is praised boy 76
Tahsin Beautification ; one who is praised unisex 99
Tahzeeb Civilization boy 86
Taib Repentant; Penitent boy 55
Taifur Rahman The vision of the merciful boy 61
Taim Allah Servant of God boy 70
Taimullah Servant of Allah boy 78
Taimur Brave strong; A famous king; Iron boy 87
Taizeen Encouragement boy 55
Taj Al Din Crown of the faith boy 61
Taj Bakhsh King maker boy 75
Tajammal Beautiful boy 73
Tajammul Dignity; Magnificence; Pomp boy 64