Muslim Boy Names Starting With W

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Wa'il Coming back for shelter boy 70
Waa'il Coming back for shelter boy 63
Waahid Single,exclusively,unequaled boy 75
Waaiz The one who will advise his people boy 100
Waali Governor; Protector boy 77
Waarith A heir; A master; A Lord; Supreme inheritor boy 94
Waasey Capacious; Wide; Ample; One; Broad-minded; Liberal; Learn; All embracing boy 90
Wadaan Prosperous boy 93
Waddah Bright; Brilliant boy 91
Waddood Friend; Companion; Beloved; Loving boy 72
Wadee Calm,peaceful boy 72
Wadi Calm, peaceful boy 61
Wadid Favorable; Devoted; Fond boy 54
Wadiyah Valley boy 97
Wadood A good companion boy 82
Waelah Clan boy 65
Waf One who is loyal and devoted boy 82
Wafa Loyal unisex 89
Wafadar One who is loyal and devoted boy 64
Wafai Faithful; Loyal boy 83
Wafaqat Friendship; Closeness boy 81
Wafeeq Successful boy 56
Wafi One who is trustworthy boy 91
Wafiq A triumphant and  affluent being boy 83
Wahab A bighearted man boy 61
Wahaj Very sparkling; Very bright boy 80
Wahb To give; To donate; Giving boy 92
Wahban Giving boy 55
Wahdan One who is outstanding and noteworthy boy 65
Wahdat A unified spirit boy 50

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boy 72
Wahhab To give; To donate; Giving boy 78
Wahhaj Glowing; Incandescent boy 56
Wahib Liberal donor boy 57
Wahid Singular; Exclusive; Unique boy 75
Wahiduddin Unique manifestation boy 85
Wahiduzzaman A unique person of the age boy 83
Wail Returnee boy 56
Wais King boy 77
Waiz Admonisher; Preacher boy 74
Wajahah Glory boy 79
Wajdaan Thought; Imagination; Ecstasy; Mirth; Devotion boy 80
Wajdan Thought; Imagination; Ecstasy; Mirth; Devotion boy 78
Wajdi Passion boy 75
Wajeed Finder; Lover; Loving boy 59
Wajeeh Noble boy 92
Wajeezah One who speaks briefly but eloquently boy 98
Wajid One who acquires, a loving person, destiny finder boy 97
Wajih Noble boy 55
Wakdar Man of authority boy 78