Muslim Boy Names Starting With Z

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Zaabit Clever Man, One who remembers; Brilliant and Intelligent; A variant spelling is Zabit boy 53
Zaad Victory, success. boy 92
Zaaef One who is sociable and gracious boy 56
Zaafer One who is helpful and a great partner boy 100
Zaafir Victorious boy 58
Zaahid Abstemious,ascetic boy 64
Zaahir Bright,shining boy 95
Zaakir Rememberer of Allah boy 95
Zaarib One who is a great Warrior boy 89
Zabba Latch; Door lock boy 81
Zabi Gazelle boy 94
Zabian One who worships celestial bodies boy 80
Zabien One who worships celestial bodies boy 61
Zabir The person who have Religious Knowledge boy 60
Zabrij Beauty; Decoration boy 63
Zackariya Name of a prophet boy 82
Zaden To increase; grow in stature boy 92
Zadfar A glorious birth boy 60
Zaeem The Quranic name means 'leader', 'resolute', 'firm', 'responsible for'. boy 55
Zafar The conquerer ; a victorious man boy 51
Zafeer The indirect Quranic name for boys means 'always victorious', 'always successful', 'always triumphant'. boy 64
Zafer One who is victorious boy 74
Zafir The indirect Quranic name means 'victor', 'successful one', 'triumphant one'. boy 64
Zafof Cool Person boy 64
Zafran Derived from Zarparan for gold stigma of flower. boy 74
Zafrul One who is honest, reliable and very ambitious boy 55
Zahan Gift of god, world boy 97
Zaheer A radiant and flourishing man; Helper, supporter, protector, patron. boy 83
Zaheeruddawlah Helper of the religion (Islam) boy 94
Zaheeruddin Helper of the religion (Islam) boy 76
Zahhaak A person who laughs most boy 96
Zahi Bright and shining boy 88
Zahid Self-denying or ascetic boy 95
Zahier A radiant and flourishing man boy 78
Zahil Zahil is a Muslim boy's name meaning calm boy 51
Zahin Great boy 99
Zahir Protector,Persian poet boy 67
Zahire A radiant and flourishing man boy 56
Zahirul One who is the prominent follower  boy 100
Zahoor Expression boy 75
Zahrun One who blossoms like a flower boy 73
Zahuk One who laughs often; joyous boy 82
Zahur One who is like an angel; bright-faced boy 89
Zahyan Brilliant boy 77
Zaid Increase, growth boy 67
Zaidan Growth and increase boy 66
Zaiden Strength boy 86
Zaifullah One who is under the special care and protection of Allah boy 70
Zaigham Lion,king of the jungle boy 60
Zaighum Lion; Powerful boy 58