Muslim Girl Names Starting With I

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Iba The name of Arabic origin means'exalted, sublime and superb', 'pride'. girl 96
Ibadah Ibadah means joyous worship girl 65
Ibrat Ibrat is a Muslim name that means wisdom girl 55
Ibrisam Silk girl 90
Ibrisami Silken girl 72
Ibriz She who is as pure as gold girl 84
Ibthaj The girl who brings happiness to the family girl 81
Ibtihaaj Joy girl 60
Ibtihaj Joy girl 53
Ibtihal One who lives in prayer girl 74
Ibtisam One who smiles often girl 51
Ibtisama The smiling beauty girl 91

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girl 81
Ieesha Life; Woman girl 70
Iesha Alive unisex 71
Ieta The Earth; Wish girl 70
Ifeta Muslim girls name that means innocent girl 89
Iffaa One who is faithful girl 84
Iffah   girl 87
Iffat Purity girl 61
Iffat-Ara Decorator of chastity girl 65
Ifra Identity girl 92
Ifrah To make Happy girl 81
Iftikar Thought; Contemplation girl 96
Iftin Light girl 62
Iftinan Enchantment; Captivation girl 75
Ifza Ifza means guardian angel girl 84
Iha Wish girl 95
Ihkam One who masters perfection girl 65
Ijabo Hope girl 69
Ijliyah Population girl 71
Ikraam Honor; hospitality; generosity girl 59
Ikramiya Honorable; Dignified girl 86
Ilaaf Protection girl 70
Ilfa Origin; Soft heart girl 56
Ilhaam Intuition girl 51
Ilham Muslim name that means, 'intuition' girl 65
Ilhanath Henna girl 65
Illiyeen One who is blessed with a high status girl 79
Ilm Slave girl belonging to Zubaydah girl 91
Ilmeeyat Knowledge girl 63
Iman Faith, belief girl 82
Imani Trustworthy girl 60
Imen Faith or belief unisex 95
Imoni Believer girl 76
Imrana Population; Socialism girl 95
Imseera Wise girl 55
Imthithal Polite; Obedience girl 62
Imtihal A polite and obedient girl child girl 99
Imtisal Obedience; Conforming to girl 82