Muslim Girl Names Starting With W

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Waafiyah One who is loyal and devoted girl 60
Waajidah One who achieves her goals in life; Loved; Beloved girl 68
Waaliyah Friend; Governor girl 83
Wabisa Something bright girl 81
Wadaana Prosperous girl 93
Wadad Love; Friendship girl 73
Waddia One who is good-natured and easy-going girl 87
Wadha Bright girl 100
Wadida Attached; Devoted; Friendly girl 81
Wafa Loyal unisex 89
Wafaa One who is faithful ; devoted girl 63
Wafeeqa Successful girl 62
Wafeeqah Successful girl 69
Wafia Faithful; Loyal girl 62
Wafiqa A victorious and successful person girl 63
Wafiqah Successful girl 50
Wafiya Trustworthy girl 67
Wafiyah Faithful; Loyal girl 79
Wafiyyah Loyal, faithful girl 56
Wafiza Fresh air girl 58
Wagma Morning breeze; Dew girl 65
Wahabah Name of a poetess girl 64
Waheebah One who gives; Giver; Donor girl 86
Waheeda Unique; Singular; Exclusive girl 87
Waheeda; Wahida Beautiful; Peerless; Unique girl 98
Wahiba Giver girl 54
Wahibah Giver, donor girl 79
Wahida   girl 85
Wahidah Unique; Singular; Exclusive girl 69
Wahuj First light of day, Dawn; New beginning girl 70
Wajee Happy; Jolly; Pleasant girl 89
Wajeeda One who is noble; Achiever; Excited; Finder girl 98
Wajeedah One who is loving and full of life girl 59
Wajeeha glorious girl 71
Wajia Melody girl 65
Wajida One who is noble; Achiever; Excited; Finder girl 73
Wajiha One who is distinguished ; eminent girl 89
Wajihah Eminent, distinguished girl 68
Wajna Happy; Jolly; Pleasant girl 96
Wakeela Agent girl 87
Wakeelah Agent girl 57
Wakib One who walks at a gentle pace girl 77
Walaa Loyalty girl 52
Walad Newborn girl 50
Walia Friendly girl 66
Walidah Newborn girl 54
Walihah Name of a poetess girl 62
Waliyah A princess;One who looks like an angel girl 62
Wallada Prolific; Fertile; Fruitful girl 50
Wania Gift of Allah SWT; Pearl girl 65