Punjab Boy Names Starting With F

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Fakeer A saintly person, devotee boy 78
Fakeer; Fakir A saintly person boy 51
Fateh Victory boy 70
Fatehbhoop Victorious king boy 63
Fatehbir A valiant victorious person boy 92
Fatehdeep Lamp of victory boy 75
Fatehdharam Righteous victory boy 85
Fatehjit Victorious victor boy 79
Fatehkaram A victory of good deeds boy 63
Fatehmeet Friendly victory boy 78
Fatehnaam Victory of naam boy 62
Fatehpal The protector of victory boy 89
Fatehpreet One who loves to be victorious boy 89
Fatehroop Embodiment of victory boy 82
Fatehwant Complete victory boy 69
Fojinder Army troop of the God of heaven boy 76