Punjab Boy Names Starting With K

Name Meaning Gender šŸ’“Popular
Kableen Worship to God boy 79
Kaladeep Lamp of art boy 52
Kalajeet Artistic victory boy 65
Kalameet Friend of art boy 51
Kalapreet Love for art boy 67
Kalaprem Love for art boy 92
Kalbir Brave of the family boy 52
Kalwindar Lord of perfection boy 58
Kamaalit Complete perfection boy 89
Kamaldeep Illumination; Mental clarity; Light of Lotus boy 61
Kamalinder Lords lotus boy 82
Kamaljeet One who; Like the Lotus is unsoiled; Achiever of perfection; Mentally victorious boy 87
Kamaljeet; Kamaljit Achiever of perfection; Variant of 'Kamal' boy 92
Kamalmeet Friend of lotus boy 58
Kamalmohan The meaning of the name is one who is as attractive as a LotusĀ  boy 60
Kamalnain One whose eyes are pretty like that of a Lotus unisex 83
Kamalpal Lotus keeper boy 87
Kamalpati Master of Lotus boy 51
Kamalprakash The name, 'one who is like a Lotus' boy 62
Kamalpreet Lover of medicine flower boy 75
Kamalprem Love of lotus boy 97
Kamalroop One who looks likeĀ  a Lotus boy 79
Kamalvir Kamalvir means brave or valiant unisex 84
Kamalwant Complete lotus boy 51
Kamleshwar Lord of lotus boy 65
Kamneev The unknown master who is divine unisex 87
Kanchandeep Golden lamp boy 92
Kanchanjeet Kanchanjeet means 'a golden victory' boy 80
Kanchanpal The name means one who guards gold. boy 85
Kanchanpreet The person who is as precious as gold boy 88
Kanhaiy Name of Lord Krishna as a child boy 67
Kanwal lotus boy 87
Kanwalaal Kanwalaal means Beautiful PrinceĀ  boy 90
Kanwalbir Kanwalbir means brave courageous and valiant boy 82
Kanwalcharan Lotus feet boy 82
Kanwaldeep A lamp of the heart boy 78
Kanwalinder The name means a divine flower like a lotusĀ  boy 85
Kanwaljit Lotus boy 81
Kanwalpal Protector of lotus boy 97
Kanwalpreet Love of lotus boy 59
Kanwalprem Love of lotus boy 89
Kanwameet Friendly Prince boy 99
Kanwarbir Kanwarbir is a Sikh nameĀ  that means a valiant prince boy 62
Kanwarinder Kanwarinder means a wonderful prince boy 76
Kanwarjagat Meaning of the name is Prince of the WorldĀ  boy 76
Kanwarjeet Victory of Prince boy 99
Kanwarjodh The name means a Warrior Prince unisex 90
Kanwarjot Flame of Prince boy 53
Kanwarpal Protector of Prince boy 73
Kanwarpreet Lover of princely one boy 70