Punjab Boy Names Starting With U

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Uchitbir Brave and right boy 57
Uchitdeep The lamp of the right boy 63
Uchitjeet Victorious of the right boy 80
Uchitjot Light of the right boy 80
Uchitkaram Right deeds boy 75
Uchitlok Right world boy 81
Uchitnaam Right naam boy 53
Uchitpal Protector of right boy 95
Uchitpreet Love for the right boy 52
Uchitprem Love for the right boy 67
Uchitroop Right and beauteous boy 78
Uchitwant Fully right boy 74
Uchmeet Friend of elevation boy 55
Uchnaam Elevated name boy 83
Uchpal Protector of elevation boy 72
Uchpreet Love for elevation boy 96
Uchprem Love for elevation boy 62
Udaibhagat Rising devotee boy 66
Udaibir Rising brave boy 68
Udaijeet Rising victory boy 82
Udaipal Fostered by the rising Sun boy 99
Udaiprakash Rising light boy 76
Udaipreet Rising Love boy 70

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boy 64
Udayjot The rising light boy 88
Uddam Diligence boy 54
Uddambir One who strives and is brave boy 91
Uddamjit Victory of effort boy 89
Uddampal Protector of effort boy 66
Uddampreet Love for effort boy 78
Uddamsukh Happy effort boy 54
Uddamwant Full of effort boy 85
Uditbir Shining brave boy 73
Uditdeep Shinning lamp boy 62
Uditmeet Risen friend boy 64
Uditpal Shinning protector boy 50
Uditpreet Shinning Love boy 50
Ujaagar Famous; Renowned person; Bright boy 57
Ujagarbir Famous and brave boy 88
Ujagardeep Famous lamp boy 54
Ujagarjit Famous victory boy 85
Ujagarjot Famous light boy 72
Ujagarmeet Brilliant friend boy 68
Ujagarnaam Famous name boy 86
Ujagarpreet Brilliant Love boy 73
Ujala One who radiates light, Bright boy 67
Ujjalbir Brave and bright boy 61
Ujjaljot Bright light boy 51
Ujjalreet Living a holy way of life boy 92
Ujjalwant Full of brightness boy 71