Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With C

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Chaah Love, Pit, Fondness, Fancy, Wish, Longing, Desired boy 68
Chaanakya Son of Chanak, Renowned mauryan writer and politician, Author of the arthashastra; a great scholar boy 66
Chaand Sincere wish, The Moon, To shine boy 87
Chaaran Feet, One who chants praises, Bard boy 50
Chaayan Moon, Collection boy 56
Chaidya Wise, Ruler, King of Chedi boy 89
Chaithanya Life, Knowledge, Sage, Soul, Intellect, Intelligence boy 50
Chak Brilliant, Happy, Sated boy 64
Chakor a bird that loves the moon boy 70
Chakradhar name of Lord Vishnu boy 90

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boy 92
Chakrapani Name of Lord Vishnu boy 98
Chakravartee; Chakravarti A sovereign king boy 82
Chakravarthi Emperor boy 63
Chakresh name of Lord Vishnu boy 75
Chakrik One with a discus boy 83
Chakrin One with a discus, Anthor name of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva boy 74
Chakshas Sight, Look, Guide, Vision, Brilliance, Another name for Brihaspati, The teacher of the gods boy 76
Champak a flower boy 64
Chanakya a great scholar boy 100
Chanakya; Chaanakya Name of Kautilya - the great scholar; Bright boy 92
Chandak the moon boy 61
Chandan sandal wood unisex 51
Chandra moon unisex 94
Chandraanan moon-like face boy 66
Chandraayan the moon boy 56
Chandrabhaga River Chenab unisex 69
Chandrabhan the moon boy 87
Chandradev Moon God, A king boy 82
Chandrahas Smiling like a Moon, Bow of Lord Shiva boy 97
Chandrakant Beloved by the Moon boy 76
Chandraketu moon banner boy 63
Chandrakin a peacock boy 74
Chandramani Moonstone, Jewel boy 74
Chandramauli Lord Shiva boy 66
Chandramohan attractive like the moon boy 91
Chandramouli The one who wears Moon on head, Meaning Lord Shiva boy 69
Chandran the moon boy 100
Chandranath the moon boy 50
Chandranshu Ray of Moon boy 95
Chandresh King of the moon boy 51
Chant Famous boy 70
Chapal clever, restless; lightning boy 82
Charak an ancient physician boy 63
Charan feet boy 81
Charanpal Protection under the Guru's Lotus Feet boy 70
Charith Dear, History boy 57
Charuchandra beautilful moon boy 100
Charuchandra; Chaaruchandra Beautilful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna boy 87
Charudatt Born with beauty boy 93