Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With D

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Daakshi Golden, Son, Son of Daksh, The glorious boy 62
Daaman Rope, Taming, Self-controlled, Conquering, One who controls boy 67
Daasharathi Lord Rama, Son of Dasharatha boy 83
Daav Wild fire, Uncontrollable, Another name for abmni boy 95
Daivat Luck, Powerful, Divinity, Heart of the gods boy 84
Daivik By the grace of God, Divine, Relating to the gods boy 51
Daiwik By the grace of God boy 68
Dakshesh name of Lord Shiva boy 74
Dakshin South direction, Clever, Competent, Talented, Sincere boy 55
Dal Blind, Group, Petal, Particle boy 94
Dam Calf, Gentleness, Wife, Wealth, Residence, Self-control, To conquer boy 52
Daman one who controls boy 94
Damodar Lord Krishna boy 87
Damodara Name of God Venkateshwara boy 68
Danavendra Granter of Boons boy 73
Dandak a forest boy 91
Dandapaani an epithet for Yama boy 50
Dandapani Name of God Subramanyan boy 99
Danvir Charitable, who gives boy 82
Darpan Mirror boy 92
Darshak spectator boy 78
Darshan vision boy 54
Darshat Makeing things visible, Radiant, Handsome, Discernable boy 81
Darshith Display, Signs boy 81
Darun Hard male Hindu boy 93
Dasarath Father of Lord Rama boy 81
Datta one who is given boy 98
Dattathreya An incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Son of Atri boy 99
Daya mercy unisex 62
Dayaal Kind hearted boy 67
Dayaamay; Dayamayee Full of mercy; Kind boy 63
Dayaananda One who likes being merciful, A king boy 66
Dayaanidhi Treasure house of mercy boy 53
Dayakar Merciful boy 96
Dayamay full of mercy boy 80
Dayanand who takes joy in being merciful boy 98
Dayanidhi kind person boy 63
Dayaram Merciful boy 65
Dayasagar extremely kind, sea of mercy boy 72
Dayaswaroop Merciful boy 96

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boy 54
Debashish Pleased by gods boy 94
Deekshin Initiated, Consecrated, Prepared boy 56
Deekshit Prepared, Initiated boy 96
Deelip Every lighting in our face, King of the solar race, Defender, Protector, Big-hearted, A generous king boy 64
Deenabandhu friend of the poor boy 53
Deenanath lord of the poor boy 74
Deendayal One who has mercy for poor, Kind to the poor boy 68
Deep a lamp boy 82
Deepak light, one with lamp boy 56