Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With H

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Haardik Affectionate; Heartfelt; Cordial boy 67
Haarit Plowman, Green, Ploughman, Cultivator boy 78
Hahn A rooster, Snow, Made of gold, The Himalaya mountain range, Another name for Shiva boy 79
Halik Ploughman boy 78
Hamir Very rich king, A Raga boy 75
Hans Swan boy 53
Hansraj king of Swans boy 64
Hanuman Hindu God Anjaneya boy 77
Hanumant Name of a Hindu god boy 82
Hardik heartfelt boy 76
Haresh Lord Krishna boy 80
Hari name of Vishnu boy 86
Haridas servant of Hari boy 62
Haridra One who is Golden Coloured boy 84
Harihar Shiva and Vishnu together boy 55
Harikesh Lord Krishna, Yellow haired, An epithet of Shiva, Name of one of the seven principal rays of the Sun, Another name for Vishnu boy 67
Harilal son of Hari boy 73
Harin Pure boy 92
Harinarayan Lord Vishnu boy 54
Harishchandra King known for his Honesty boy 59
Harit greenery boy 66
Harith Plowman, Green, Ploughman, Cultivator boy 78
Harsh Joy, Excitement, Happiness boy 98
Harshak Delightful boy 58
Harshini joyful unisex 99
Harshith Joyous, Cheerful, Happy boy 55
Harsit Joyous, Cheerful, Happy boy 69
Hasan Laughter boy 91
Hasik Smiling, Gregarious, Funny, Delightful boy 96
Hasit with a smile, happy boy 58
Hasith Laughing, Happy, Delightful boy 79
Hatish With no desire, Simple, Not greedy boy 51
Havan Offering An oblation with fire, Sacrifice, Another name for agnni, Offering boy 68
Havish Lord Shiva boy 81
Hemadri Mountain of gold unisex 88
Hemang body made of gold boy 59
Hemanth Gold or Lord Buddha, Early winter boy 57
Hemraj King of gold boy 79
Heramb An erudite, Respected and calm person boy 93
Himadri Snow mountain, The himalayas boy 76
Himaghna The Sun boy 76
Himanjay Winner of snow land boy 89
Himanshu moon, snow boy 76

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boy 77
Hindol A swing boy 85
Hiran Lord of the diamonds, Immortal boy 90
Hiranmay; Hiranmaya Made of gold boy 95
Hiranya a precious metal boy 100
Hiranyagarbha Golden Womb boy 59
Hirav Means greenery. the lush greenery on the surface of the earth boy 70