Sanskrit Boy Names Starting With K

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boy 62
Kaal Time, Destiny, Occasion, Black, Destruction, Death black, Another name for Krishna and Shiva boy 94
Kaalik Darkness, Long-lived boy 79
Kaam Effort, Work, Desire, Passion, Love, Delight, The God of Love boy 59
Kaamaj Born of Love boy 69
Kaamat Unrestrained, Free boy 50
Kaamik Desired boy 71
Kaamod One who grants wishes, Generous, A musical Raag boy 78
Kaanha Young, Lord Krishna boy 55
Kaant Husband, Adored, Precious, Pleasant, Spring, Beloved by the Moon, The Moon pleasant boy 86
Kaartik Name of one of the months, Inspiring with courage and Joy boy 100
Kaartikeya Son of Lord Shiva, Brave, Vigorous, Active, Inspiring with courage, The planet mars; son of Shiva boy 78
Kaaru Maker, Poet boy 88
Kaash Appearance boy 86
Kaashik The shining one, Brilliant, Another name for the city of banaras boy 82
Kaashin Brilliant, Lord of Kashi varanasi or Lord Shiva boy 57
Kaashya Rush-bottom, Grass boy 50
Kaashyap A famous sage, Lily, One who drinks water boy 58
Kach One who is empty, Hollow, Vain, Hair, Splendour, Attractiveness, Cloud boy 53
Kachap Cloud drinker, Leaf boy 68
Kahan World, Lord Krishna, Universe boy 81
Kailas a mountain, Abode of Lord Shiva boy 85
Kailash Abode of Lord Shiva in Himalayas boy 96
Kailasnath Lord Shiva boy 67
Kairav White lotus boy 62
Kaishik Passion, Fine, Hair-like, Love, Vigour, A musical Raag boy 99
Kaitak Comeing from the kerva tree, Tree boy 71
Kaivalya perfect isolation boy 88
Kakshak Living in the forest, Free, Forest dweller boy 80
Kakshap Water drinker, Tortoise boy 74
Kaladhar one who shows different phases boy 86
Kalanath moon boy 87
Kalanidhi Lord Shiva, good in art forms boy 50
Kalapak Possessed with skills, Skilful, Collection, A peacock, Decoration, The Moon boy 68
Kalapin Peacock, Cuckoo boy 89
Kalhan Knower of meaning, Informative, Perceptive, Voracious reader, Sound boy 97
Kalhar The white Lily, Water Lily, Lotus boy 90
Kalicharan feet of Goddess Kali boy 88
Kalidas servant of Goddess Kali boy 51
Kalil Crown, Wealth, Bosom friend, Profound, Difficult to attain boy 68
Kalind Mountain, Bestowing arts and skills, The Sun boy 99
Kaling a bird boy 50
Kalit Known, Understood boy 57
Kalpak A Heavenly tree boy 57
Kalpesh Lord of perfection boy 96
Kalpeshwar Lord Shiva, Lord of perfection, Lord of a fabulous period of time boy 91
Kalyan Auspicious, fortunate boy 62
Kalyanin Virtuous, Happy, Lucky, Propitious, Wealthy, Worthy, Eminent wealthy boy 55
Kamadev god of love and passion boy 51
Kamalabandhu Friend of lotus, The Sun boy 97