Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With L

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Laakini Divine, A Goddess who gives and takes girl 70
Labonya Brilliant, Beautiful girl 98
Lajitha Modest girl 54
Lajjaka Modesty girl 79
Lajjana Modesty girl 57
Lajvanti shy, 'touch me not' plant girl 66
Lajvathi Shy girl 85
Lakhi Goddess Laxmi girl 62
Laksheta Distinguished girl 55
Lakshetha Distinguished girl 62
Lakshmi Goddess of Wealth girl 68
Lakshmi; Laxmi Goddess of Wealth; fortunate; Wife of Lord Vishnu girl 81
Lalima Beauty girl 84
Lalita Beautiful Woman girl 93
Lalitha Beautiful, Women, Desirable, Graceful, Musk, A musical Raag graceful girl 68
Lalithambika Goddess Durga, The easily approachable mother girl 78
Laranya Graceful girl 96

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girl 82
Lashita Desired girl 52
Lasusha Shining girl 81
Lasya Dance performed by Goddess Parvati girl 85
Latha A creeper, Vine, Slender, An Apsara or celestial nymph girl 74
Lathangi A creeper, Slim girl girl 90
Lathika A small creeper, A small vine, The vermillion dot applied by women on the forehead, A Pearl necklace girl 64
Lava Piece (Son of Ram and Sita; brother of Kush) girl 52
Lavalika A small vine girl 84
Lavanthika Name of a Raga girl 60
Lavanya grace and beauty girl 58
Laya rhythm girl 98
Layakari Generates harmony in dance and music girl 64
Layana Ray of The Sun, Lives by the lane girl 91
Leela Divine play, Creation of God, Joy, Comfort, Beauty, Grace; Divine drama girl 70
Leelavathi Playful, Goddess Durga girl 53
Lekha Writing girl 88
Lekhi Writing, Picture girl 50
Likhitha Writing girl 64
Lila; Leela Playful; Divine Drama girl 73
Lochana eye girl 53
Lokavya One who deserves heaven, Virtuous girl 75
Lolitha Ruby girl 70
Lopamudra Wife of Saint Agastya girl 85
Luni Salty girl 91