Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With S

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Saadhaka Proficient, Magical, An aspirant, Seeker girl 82
Saadhana Long practice, Study, Fulfilment, Work, Achievement, Worship girl 54
Saadhika Goddess Durga, Achiever, Pious, Proficient girl 53
Saadhvi Religious women, Courteous, Polite, Simple, Loyal, Decent, Worthy, Chaste, Devout worthy girl 80
Saagarika Wave, Born in the ocean girl 90
Saagnika Fiery, Passionate, Married, With fire girl 96
Saaman Morning, Goddess of sound, Dawn, Early morning girl 81
Saamanta Equality, Bordering, Name of a Raga girl 64
Saanjali Hand clasped in prayer girl 85
Saarangi Distinguished, Doe, Musical instrument, A musical Raagini girl 87
Saatvika Goddess Durga, Calm girl 55
Saavini Pertaining to the month of Saavan, One who prepares Soma girl 60
Saavitri A Ray of light, Hymn, A form of the Devi girl 71
Sachi truthful, blissful girl 64
Sadaa Always girl 68
Sadhaka Proficient, Magical, An aspirant, Seeker girl 98
Sadhana accomplishment, performance, worship girl 53
Sadhvi virtuous woman, accomplished girl 70
Sadrishii Like that girl 64
Saesha with great desire and wish girl 95
Saguna having good qualities unisex 67
Saha Tolerant, The earth, An Apsara or celestial nymph girl 96
Sahaja Natural girl 99
Saharshitha Joyful girl 56
Sahasra A new beginning, 1000 number girl 96

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girl 68
Sahuri War, Powerful, Victorious, The earth girl 92
Sahya A name of a mountain in india girl 55
Sai saint, master, lord unisex 100
Saindhavi One who is born in the territory of the river Sindhu girl 91
Sajani Beloved; Loving; Well loved girl 57
Sajitha Depending, Sajja means covered, Dressed, Ornamented, Armed, Fortified girl 93
Sakhi friend girl 94
Sakshi All Witnessing Lord unisex 54
Salila water girl 66
Salini Bashful, Modest girl 89
Samaarasya Where all things become one in a unity of blissful realization girl 81
Samanvi One who has all the best qualities girl 55
Samapriya Name of a Raga girl 55
Samarpana Dedication girl 73
Samasti Achieving, The universe girl 97
Samatha Equality, Justice, Peace, Kindness girl 74
Sambhavna Esteem, Possibility, Togetherness, Honour, Esteem girl 55
Sambita Consciousness girl 67
Sameeksha Analysis girl 95
Samidha an offering for a sacred fire girl 89
Sammita Balanced girl 75
Sampada blessing unisex 97
Sampati wealth girl 88
Sampoorna Complete everything, Full girl 72