Sanskrit Girl Names Starting With T

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Taalika Palm, Calm, Nightingale, Key, A list girl 74
Taamasi Night, Rest, A river girl 89
Taanaya Daughter, Born of the body girl 72
Taara Star, The pupil of the eye, Meteor, Fragance girl 94
Taaraka Star, Meteor, Pupil of the eye girl 74
Taarini Saviour, She who frees, She who delivers from sin, Another name for Goddess Durga, Goddess Parvati girl 63
Taiunaya Absorbed in, Identical girl 88
Taluni Young girl 52
Tama Night girl 77
Tamasa a river; darkness girl 68
Tamasi night girl 84
Tamsa Name of a river girl 85
Tanarupi Name of a Raga girl 79
Tanavi Attractive, Slender girl 76
Tanaya Daughter girl 62
Tanirika A flower girl 54
Tanmayi moderate, graceful girl 95
Tanushree; Tanushri Beautiful girl 58
Tanushri Beautiful girl 88
Tanvi A delicate girl; Goddess Durga girl 62
Tanya Of the family, Fairy Queen girl 91
Tapasya Meditation girl 91
Tapni Godavari river in Andhra girl 85
Tapti same as Tapi girl 91
Tara Star girl 54
Taraka Star, Meteor, Pupil of the eye, Palms; star girl 52
Tarangini river girl 97
Tarani boat, sun unisex 53
Tarnija River Yamuna, Surya putri Yamuna girl 80
Tarpani Satisfying, Offering oblations girl 55
Tarpini Offering oblations, Satisfying girl 71
Tarshita Thirsty, Desirous girl 84
Tarulatha Creeper girl 59
Taruna Young girl girl 82
Tarunii Young girl girl 62
Tarushi Courges, Victory girl 89
Taushini Goddess Durga, Satisfying, Appeasing, Pleasing, Name of Durga girl 69
Tavisha Heaven, Strong, Brave, Vigorous, Divine girl 51
Tejashree With devine power and grace, Radiant or bright girl 63
Tejasvini Lustrous or bright or radiant or intelligent, Brave, Powerful, Celebrated, Energetic, Noble, Brilliant girl 93
Tejaswi Lustrous, Energetic, Gifted, Brilliant girl 86
Tejaswini radiant girl 64
Tejini Brilliant, Energetic girl 80
Tejomaya Full of effulgence girl 56
Tejowathi Another name for Goddess Durga girl 60
Thanayaa Daughter girl 92
Thanmayi Concentration, Ecstasy girl 70
Thanuja A daughter girl 99
Thanushree Beauty girl 93
Tharini Enabling to crossover girl 70