Sikh Boy Names Starting With M

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Madanbir Brave and lovable boy 90
Madankirpal King of Public boy 52
Madanpal Cupid; God of Love boy 54
Madhupreet Love for Honey; Sweet boy 84
Madhurbain Sweet words boy 94
Madhuwant Sweet like Honey boy 76
Mahabir Most courageous among men boy 59
Mahajeet Friendship boy 53
Mahanbhagat Exalted devotee boy 60
Mahanbir A mighty and brave warrior boy 60
Mahandeep The lamp of exalted light boy 53
Mahandev The highest God boy 90
Mahandharam Great religion boy 55
Mahangeet Great songs boy 52
Mahanjeet Glorious victory boy 66
Mahanjeevan The exalted way of life boy 92
Mahanleen Deeply absorbed in devotion boy 90
Mahanpal Great protector boy 89
Mahanprem True Love of God boy 95
Mahanteerath Greatest holy place boy 74
Mahantek Talking support of God boy 86
Mahantripat Fully contented boy 97
Mahanveer The mighty and brave warrior boy 57
Mahatam Glory; Greatness boy 84
Mahekpreet Fragrance of Love boy 83
Mahender   boy 86
Mahendra Lord Vishnu boy 63
Mahendra; Mohinder The great God Indra (the God of the sky) boy 64
Maherbani Word of the headman boy 54
Mahesh supreme god, name of Shiva boy 90
Maheshinder Lord Shiva; Maha - great, Powerful, Supreme + Ish = God + Inder - supreme God boy 86
Mahindar God of Gods boy 100
Mahinder Glory of God boy 68
Mahinderjeet The person blessed by the God boy 63
Mahinderjot Shining under the God's grace boy 98
Mahinderpal Protector of the Lord of the Earth boy 63
Mahinderpreet Love of God boy 97
Mahipal a king boy 90
Mahtaab Moonlight; Adored; The Moon boy 96
Majaal Worthy one boy 77

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boy 78
Malkeet Lordship boy 88
Malkit Master boy 96
Manasdeep A person who sheds light on life boy 82
Manasjeet One who is victorious boy 66
Manaspreet He who loves humanity boy 66
Manasprem A fellow human being lover boy 67
Manasroop This is an expression of Embodiment of humanity boy 63
Manaswant Famous human being boy 56
Manavdeep A humane person by mind and heart unisex 58