Sikh Girl Names Starting With I

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Ikam Entirely one girl 51
Ikjas Praise of one girl 72
Ikjot The divine light of God girl 96
Ikleen Absorbed in one girl 52
Ikmoorat A form of the one supreme being girl 53
Ikpooj Worshipper of the supreme being girl 90
Indirjeet; Inderjeet One who wins the love of God girl 95
Indrakanta Indrani ( Shachi ) girl 94

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girl 72
Isha Lord girl 87
Ishika An arrow, Dart, One who achieves, Paint brush, Daughter of God girl 81
Ishleen Absorbed in the Almighty girl 74
Ishwarpreet God's beloved girl 91
Ishwin One who praises the lord girl 50