Sikh Boy Names


Aad In The Beginning /

Aadar Respect /

Aadat discipline, habitual practice /

Aadh, Adh Half

Aagya, Agya Permission

Aagyakar Obedient

Aagyapal One Who Maintains Obedience

Aakar, Akaar Shape, to form, to materialize

Aanand joy

Aaradh Deep Rapturous Love, Adoration

Aarvinder - Of the God of Heavens /

Aashish blessing

Aatma Soul; Light of the lord

Aavai Arrive, To Come

Aazaad Care free /

Abahijeevan Fearless Life

Abhaidev Free of fear

Abhaijeet Victory over fear

Abhijeet Name of Lord Krishna

Abhinav brand new, present

Abhiroop Variant of 'Abhirup'

Abichal Unyielding /

Abinaash Eternal /

Abinash Immortal /

Abrik Precious like God

Achal constant, unshaked

Achar Inaminate

Achint One without worry /

Achraj Wondrous

Adarsh Ideal

Adarshpal Keeper Of Ideals

Adarshpreet Love Of Ideals /

Adeeb A literary Person

Ades Compliment, salutation of faqirs and yogis, from an inferior to a Superior (God) /

Adesh command


Adishvar The Foremost (God) /

Adith From the beginning

Agam Incomprehensible /

Agamjit God'S Triumph

Agampreet Love for god

Aganee Fire /

Agochar Unfathomable /

Ahar Activity, Defender

Ahsmit Trustworthy friend /

Aish Delight, joy, pleasure /

Ajaath Without Caste

Ajai Success, Unconquerable, Invincible

Ajaib Wonderful /

Ajaipal One whose caretaker is the Lord