Christian Boy Names Starting With G

Name Meaning Gender đź’“Popular
Gaabriel A variation of Gabriel boy 53
Gaarwine One who strikes like a spear boy 82
Gabai Delight, adornment boy 80
Gabe From the name gabriel boy 93
Gabriel In Hebrew, it means 'Man of God. God's able-bodied one'. boy 61
Gabriell Heroine of god unisex 92
Gabriella God is my might unisex 99
Gabrijel God is my protector boy 78
Gabryjel It means God will protect me boy 95
Gacoki It means The God will return  boy 76
Gadebo The one who is successful to bring the crown boy 88
Gadi The name means the person will reap profits in the future boy 88
Gael   boy 71
Gaenbeald One religious person boy 69
Gaenburh It means a noble person boy 81
Gaera One who is respectable in society boy 64
Gaerwn It indicated the white colour unisex 77
Gaerwulf The individual who helps nature boy 62
Gaery Variable, changeable boy 90
Gaete The considerate individual boy 66
Gage Of the pledge unisex 78
Gaidar He who shares joy with all boy 92
Gaidon The one who admires the beauty of life boy 64
Gaige Of the pledge unisex 97
Gainor He who is fair in wisdom and looks good boy 96
Gais It means the cheerful person boy 72
Gale The name means a jovial and boisterous person. boy 83
Galen A healer ; one who is calm unisex 70
Galton Owner of a rented estate boy 77
Galvin Signifies the white colour boy 51
Ganit Garden, Troop, Numerate, Honoured, Mathematics boy 69
Gaphrick One who controls the spear boy 86
Gapson It means the son of Gilbert boy 81
Gar A short form of gareth boy 96
Garen A form of garry boy 82
Gareth Uncertain unisex 65
Garett One who is mighty with a spear boy 61
Garfield A philosophical, critical person boy 100
Garion A form of garry boy 83
Garland Garland-maker unisex 92
Garman Spearman boy 86
Garnet A form of garnett boy 79
Garnett Armed with a spear boy 52
Garrad A form of garrett, gerald boy 71
Garre One who is strong and sharp as a spear boy 61
Garren A form of garry boy 72
Garret Strength of the unisex 80
Garreth Gentle boy 81
Garrick Oak spear boy 98
Garrin A form of garry boy 90