Indian Unisex Names Starting With A

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Aadya The earliest, Lord Shiva unisex 83
Aamari Having great strength ; a builder unisex 81
Aarya Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati unisex 100
Aayden A fiery young man unisex 88
Aba Form of Abba meaning "Father"; unisex 60
Abbey The name of king david's third wife described as good in discretion and beautiful in form unisex 58
Abbigail The source of a father unisex 85
Abell Breath , child unisex 86
Abril Open unisex 73
Ace One ; one unit unisex 93
Achala Still Lord unisex 56
Addie Variation: adela unisex 71
Adolfo Noble wolf unisex 79
Adonis In mythology , a handsome young man loved by aphrodite unisex 83
Adriana From hadria unisex 69
Adriann A man from hadria unisex 57
Adrianna From hadria unisex 82
Adrienn From hadria unisex 92
Agnijwala One who is poignant like fire; It signifies fire unisex 92
Agrata leadership unisex 64
Aidan A fiery young man unisex 87
Aideen A fiery young man unisex 67
Aidyn Little fire unisex 73
Aidynn A fiery young man unisex 60
Ainsley Hermitage in or unisex 63
Aja unborn unisex 71
Ajaya The Conqueror of Life And Death unisex 64
Akhuratha One who has a mouse as his charioteer unisex 57
Akshara Indestructible Lord unisex 57
Alak world; long haired unisex 83
Alani As the orange tree unisex 79
Alberto One who is noble and bright unisex 72
Aldo Old or wise one ; elder unisex 80
Alejandra Defender unisex 71
Alejandro A helper and defender of mankind unisex 100
Alexandr Defending men unisex 99
Alexandre Nephew of king mark in the legendary tale of king arthur and his knights of the round table unisex 75
Alexandria A helper and defender of mankind unisex 58
Alexia Defender unisex 69
Alexiss Defender of mankind unisex 98
Alexus Defender unisex 58
Alexx A helper and defender of mankind unisex 63
Alexxis Defender of mankind unisex 87
Alfonso Prepared for battle ; eager and ready unisex 62
Alfredo Elf counsel unisex 73
Allan Rock unisex 80
Allex A helper and defender of mankind unisex 61
Alli The highest , greatest , excellent , noble unisex 96
Allie Variation: ali unisex 50
Ally Of noble birth unisex 86