Names Of Godess Parvati

Names Of Godess Parvati   Parvati, Uma or Gauri is the supreme divinity and the Hindu goddess of power, energy, nourishment, harmony, love, beauty, devotion, and motherhood. She is a physical representation of Mahadevi in her complete form. She is also revered in her appearances as Durga and Mahakali. She is the central deity of the Goddess-oriented sect called Shaktism and the chief goddess in Shaivism. Along with Lakshmi and Saraswati, she forms the Tridevi.

  Parvati is the wife of the Hindu god Shiva. She is the reincarnation of Sati, the first wife of Shiva who immolated herself during a yajna (fire-sacrifice). Parvati is the daughter of the mountain king Himavan and queen Mena. Parvati is the mother of Hindu deities Ganesha and Kartikeya. The Puranas also referenced her to be the sister of the river goddess Ganga and the preserver god Vishnu. (source-wikipedia)

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Aadya The earliest, Lord Shiva unisex 83
Aarya Honored, Noble, Goddess Parvati unisex 100
Abhavya Improper, Fear-causing girl 68
Aeindri Power of Lord Indra girl 79
Agnijwala One who is poignant like fire; It signifies fire unisex 92
Ahankaara One with pride girl 81
Amba Goddess Durga girl 88
Ambika Mother Goddess girl 87
Ameyaa Boundless, Magnanimous, One who is beyond measure (Celebrity Name: Madhoo (Roja)) girl 72
Anekashastrahasta Possessor of many hand weapons girl 69
Anekastradhaarini Possessor of many missile weapons girl 98
Anekavarna One who has many complexions girl 64
Anika Grace; Goddess Durga girl 52
Annada Goddess Durga girl 52
Annika Goddess Durga girl 77
Aparna Goddess Parvati girl 71
Apraudha One who never gets old girl 63
Aryahi Goddess Durga girl 84
Bahula a star unisex 96
Bahulaprema One who is loved by all girl 54
Balaprada The bestower of strength girl 91
Baruni Goddess Durga girl 76
Bhaavini Emotional, The beautiful woman eminent, Emotional, Caring, Noble, Beautiful girl 89
Bhadrakaali Fierce form of Kali, Goddess Durga girl 67
Bhagavati Name of Godess Parvati girl 98
Bhargavi Goddess Parvati girl 63
Bhavamochani The absolver of the universe girl 64
Bhavani Goddess Parvati girl 80
Bhavaprita One who is loved by the universe girl 50
Bhavya grand, splendid girl 74
Braahmi Sacred, Holy, A kind of plant girl 85
Brahmavaadini One who is present everywhere girl 84
Buddhi Name of Godess Lakshmi girl 67
Buddhida The bestower of wisdom girl 94
Chamunda Name of Goddess who killed the demons Chanda and munda girl 70
Chandaghanta One who has mighty bells girl 65
Chandamundavinashini Destroyer of the ferocious asuras Chanda and munda girl 60
Chandika Goddess Durga girl 90
Chiti love girl 79
Chitra Picture, a nakshatra/ star girl 72
Chittarupa One who is in thought-state girl 94
Dakshakanya Able daughter girl 75
Dakshayajnavinaashini The interrupter of the sacrifice of Daksha girl 73
Dakshayani Goddess Durga girl 61
Devamata Mother Goddess girl 60
Deveshi Goddess Durga girl 67
Durga Name of Godess Parvati girl 80
Ekaa Goddess Durga girl 53
Ekakanya The girl child girl 92
Ghorarupa Having a fierce outlook girl 88