Christian Boy Names Starting With K

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Kaaj Latin name that  means ' to rejoice or celebrate' boy 63
Kaapro Kaapro is a Nordic name that means,'Strong man of God' boy 65
Kaarel Estonian form of Charles. It means man. boy 82
Kaarle Kaarle is a  French derived names that means Strong boy 59
Kaarli Estonian variant of Charlie. It means man. boy 61
Kabos Swindler boy 53
Kacey A vigilant man ; one who is alert unisex 68
Kaci From cayce unisex 80
Kacie A vigilantwoman unisex 58
Kacy A vigilant man ; one who is alert unisex 95
Kade Round unisex 86
Kaden A beloved companion unisex 100
Kadyn A beloved companion unisex 88
Kaeden A beloved companion unisex 83
Kael Uncertain unisex 63
Kaelan Slender unisex 91
Kaelen Slender unisex 50
Kaelyn A beautiful girl from the meadow unisex 59
Kai Rejoice unisex 96
Kaiden A beloved companion unisex 67
Kailey Laurel unisex 93
Kailyn Slender unisex 83
Kaine A spear boy 51
Kaitlin Pure unisex 57
Kaitlynn Pure unisex 57
Kaiya A type of spear unisex 77
Kalan Stream unisex 54
Kale Uncertain unisex 68
Kaleb Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish) boy 62
Kalee Laurel unisex 81
Kaleeb A form of Kaleb; Whole-Hearted; Faithful; Dog (Jewish) boy 64
Kaleigh Laurel unisex 99
Kalem Dove boy 74
Kalen Slender unisex 79
Kaley Energetic unisex 59
Kaliyah Slayer of thousand headed dragon boy 79
Kallan Stream unisex 100
Kalle Strong unisex 74
Kalleb Resembling a dog boy 66
Kallen Crowned wih laurel unisex 57
Kaltan A form of colton boy 61
Kalum Dove boy 64
Kalvin Bald boy 91
Kalyn Laurel unisex 57
Kalynn Laurel unisex 92
Kamari   boy 59
Kamden From the winding valley unisex 56
Kamdilichukwu It is a Nigerian name that means,'Let me live for God' boy 97
Kameron Crooked nose unisex 60
Kamfeechi Nigerian name that means,'Let me worship God' boy 86