Christian Girl Names Starting With I

Name Meaning Gender 💓Popular
Ian God is benevolent girl 97
Ibidolapo The child is lucky and has brought wealth to the house girl 58
Ibidun One whose birth has brought happiness girl 55
Ibilola The girl who has opened the door to wealth girl 76
Ibukun The blessed lady girl 54
Ibukunade I am a proof of God's blessing girl 90
Ida Prosperous girl 84
Idabelle A combination of ida & belle girl 63
Idalina A combination of ida & lina girl 53
Idalis A form of ida girl 100
Ideh Praise girl 95
Idla Battle girl 66
Idra Fig tree ikia - god is my salvation girl 78
Idun The active and happy one girl 60
Idunn She who is lovable girl 75
Ifechiluru The grace of God shines upon her girl 93
Ifechukwu Living under the light of the Lord girl 63
Ifedayo The joyous and loved one girl 82
Ifede A person who is loving and caring girl 55
Ifedolaoluwa When God has blessed the person with love and grace girl 77
Ifejesukristi One who shines under Jesus Love girl 89
Ifelayo The peaceful bliss of love girl 89
Ifeoluwapo The God who loves a lot girl 91
Ifesowapo Person who is made out of love girl 93
Ifetundun The one blessed by sweet love girl 70
Ifeya Ifeya means love or lovable girl 67
Igassoĸ The lady who cooks well girl 63
Iglika Another name for primrose girl 81
Ignacio Fiery unisex 81
Ignazia It indicates the fire to move on in life girl 50
Ihrin The person who maintains peace girl 85
Ihuomachukwu Blessed with the favor of God girl 61
Ilana Sunshine girl 82
Ilde Battle girl 93
Ilerioluwa One who lives under the promise of the Lord girl 88
Iliana Bright girl 59
Ilianna Bright girl 70
Ilja The God is my Saviour girl 82
Illiana Bright girl 88
Illianna Bright girl 90
Ilyssa A form of ilisa girl 61
Imaani Trustworthy, Faithful, Honest, Truthful girl 90
Imani Trustworthy girl 60
Imanii Believer or faith girl 66
Imanni Believer or faith girl 75
Imanuela Christian girl name that means,'God is with us' girl 60
Imari Daughter of today unisex 69
Imelda Warrior Woman girl 97
Immani Believer or faith girl 55
Immogene Variation: imogen girl 79